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The mission of LIFE is to provide educational programs and resources to individuals, families and communities that enables them to: expand their financial knowledge; avoid and reduce excessive debt; develop self sufficiency; and, create, preserve and transfer wealth.


LIFE’s vision is to be the preeminent financial literacy organization that empowers individuals with knowledge, skills, and capabilities to be able to make good financial decisions that will lead them to sustained wealth and financial independence.

Core Values

LIFE embraces the following core values in the implementation of our mission:

  • Integrity: We require honesty and adherence to moral and ethical principals in everything we do.

  • Excellence: This is our standard of performance as measured through the quality of our services.

Primary Focus Areas

LIFE’s primary focus areas are:

  • Youth Financial Education Programs

  • Adult Financial Education Programs

  • Business Development Programs

  • Financial Education Curriculum Development

  • Non-profit Technical and Developmental Assistance

LIFE Board Members & Volunteers Have Experience
  • Partnering with community-based and faith-based organizations to conduct financial training;

  • Writing articles on various homeownership related topics—published nationally;

  • Developing financial education curriculum;

  • Organizing, marketing, and implementing financial seminars and conferences;

  • And, providing speakers and facilitators for financial literacy and business-based workshops and events.

Support Our Mission and Vision


Transparency and sustainability are vital for nonprofits.  Your donation will be used to fund the LIFE adult and youth financial literacy programs that focus on growing vibrant and knowledgeable communities.

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