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Major Topics for Youth Programs may include:

·   Value Setting

·   Savings

·   Credit: Credit Reports & Credit Scores

·   Budgeting

·   Banking

·   Decision-Making

·   Leadership Development

·   Fraud Prevention: Protecting Your Info

·   Wealth Creation

·   Investments

·   Debt Management

·   Entrepreneurship

·   Career Planning

·   College Preparation and Funding

·   Buying a Home

·   Insurance and Asset Protection

·   Owning a Car

·   Decision-Making

·   Leadership Development

Youth Population Target

LIFE programs target grades kindergarten through 12th.


Young Adult Population Target

LIFE Young Adult programs target ages 18-30. See page for Young Adults

Support Our Youth Programs


Transparency and sustainability are vital for nonprofits.  Your donation will be used to fund the LIFE adult and youth financial literacy programs that focus on growing vibrant and knowledgeable communities.

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